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Biofeedback Therapy for Addiction


Massachusetts Center for Addiction in Quincy is dedicated to helping people like you or your loved one overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. As leaders in addiction treatment in Massachusetts, we’re always considering scientifically-backed therapies that are proven to help people on their road to recovery. Biofeedback therapy is one of these innovative approaches to addiction treatment that we’re happy to offer. 

Understanding Biofeedback Therapy 

Biofeedback therapy for addiction sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but it isn’t quite that complex. Biofeedback therapy is a real-time way to see how your body responds to certain emotions, situations, and stimuli. When presented with this information, you’re able to develop skills and coping strategies to control these bodily functions better. 

During a biofeedback therapy session, small sensors are placed at various points on the skin. These sensors are non-invasive. They stick on with no discomfort. The sensors are connected to equipment that measures key body responses including:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Skin temperature
  • Muscle contractions
  • Presence of sweat on the skin

The results are displayed back using a series of lights, sounds, or pulses that feed information to you in real time. With addiction, there is frequent stress, anxiety, restlessness, muscle pain, and discomfort that accompanies withdrawal, cravings, and urges.

These symptoms are measured, recorded, and displayed back to the individual, providing them with instant insights into how their body reacts to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with addiction. 


Female doctor reviewing patients results during biofeedback therapy session.

The Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy in Addiction Treatment 

When an individual is able to see the body’s responses in real-time, it becomes possible to take steps to change the outcome. For example, if during biofeedback treatment you have a craving for alcohol or have triggering thoughts, you might see that your heart rate or rate of breathing rise. By taking action to relax, slow the rate of breathing, and lower your heart rate, your body is brought to a place where it’s no longer responding to the craving or triggering thought. 

Biofeedback therapy for addiction provides numerous benefits for patients, including improved self-regulation, decreased anxiety, and an enhanced ability to cope with triggers. Another significant benefit of biofeedback therapy is that it’s not a stand-alone therapy option. Instead, it complements most other treatment modalities in addiction recovery.

Our Biofeedback Therapy Program 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction offers biofeedback therapy for addiction as part of our comprehensive, holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab and support. Biofeedback therapy is most effective when used within a broader treatment plan for addiction and alcoholism. 

When we welcome you through our doors, one of the first steps is a thorough assessment of your physical health, mental health, and history of addiction. Working together, we’ll decide if biofeedback therapy is an appropriate option and develop a personalized treatment plan that outlines your goals and how we’ll help you get there. 

Why Choose Our Biofeedback Therapy Program in Massachusetts

Not every addiction treatment center offers biofeedback therapy in Massachusetts. We’re honored to have a number of the most qualified biofeedback clinicians on our staff and look forward to introducing you to this effective, non-invasive treatment. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction also offers insurance support. We know that this can be difficult to navigate in some cases when not part of an approved addiction treatment program. We have in-network agreements with many major insurance providers, including Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare. 

Getting Started with Us and Next Steps 

If you have questions and are wondering what biofeedback therapy is used for, we’re here to provide answers and help. Massachusetts Center for Addiction offers a comprehensive continuum of care for addiction recovery. We offer complementary therapies like biofeedback therapy for addiction. 

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, we urge you to contact us and learn more about biofeedback therapy. Contact us today for a free and confidential assessment at 844-486-0671