Massachusetts Center for Addiction

Using Harvard Pilgrim Health Care for Addiction Treatment


At Massachusetts Center for Addiction in Quincy, MA, we are committed to providing comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. As an in-network provider with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, we ensure you receive the best care possible. Contact us at 844-486-0671 to learn more about your coverage options and start your recovery journey today.

Understanding Your Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Coverage

It’s important to understand your Harvard Pilgrim Health Care coverage before starting treatment. Our dedicated team will guide you through the verification process. They will help you understand your plan’s benefits and any potential out-of-pocket costs. We strive to make this process smooth and stress-free, ensuring you are fully informed about your coverage. By contacting us for a free insurance verification, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect, allowing you to focus on your recovery journey.

Covered Addiction Treatment Services with Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care covers a wide range of addiction treatment services at our center, ensuring you receive the necessary support for a successful recovery. Our offerings include Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). PHP provides intensive, structured care during the day, allowing patients to return home in the evenings.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers flexible treatment that fits around work or school schedules. It provides therapy and support multiple times a week.

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment program, less intensive than IOP, provides ongoing support and therapy to help maintain sobriety. Our Sober Living arrangements offer a supportive environment for those transitioning back into everyday life to help maintain sobriety.

Although we do not directly offer detox or inpatient rehab, we have established strong partnerships with nationally accredited facilities in the area to provide these essential services.

Inpatient Rehab offers intensive, 24/7 care for individuals needing a structured environment to overcome addiction. Detox services provide medically supervised detoxification to manage withdrawal symptoms and prepare individuals for ongoing treatment safely.

Choosing the Massachusetts Center for Addiction means accessing a full continuum of care through our partnerships. We ensure you receive the right treatment at the right time. Contact us today at 844-486-0671 to learn more about how Harvard Pilgrim Health Care can cover your addiction treatment needs.

Benefits of Choosing Massachusetts Center for Addiction

Choosing the Massachusetts Center for Addiction means receiving compassionate, personalized care. Our experienced staff is dedicated to supporting your recovery journey with empathy and professionalism.

We understand that each person’s path to recovery is unique. Our team creates individualized treatment plans addressing your specific challenges and goals.

Get Started with Your Treatment Today

Ready to begin your recovery? Contact us at 844-486-0671 for a free insurance verification and to learn more about how your Harvard Pilgrim Health Care plan can cover your addiction treatment. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Start your recovery journey with the Massachusetts Center for Addiction today.