Drug Addiction Treatment Program


Overcoming addiction can seem overwhelming, but you’re not in this alone. We’re here to support and guide you throughout your recovery. Our Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Massachusetts is designed to provide comprehensive support and care for those struggling with drug addiction.

With expert clinical and medical care, effective treatment plans, and a supportive environment, it’s no surprise that the Massachusetts Center for Addiction is New England’s top choice for drug addiction treatment.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Massachusetts

At our drug addiction treatment center, we’re all about giving hope to those who want to break free from drug addiction. We understand that everyone’s battle with addiction is different, which is why our treatment program is designed to fit your specific needs. We aim to provide the best care that’s just right for you.

Our team believes in treating more than just the addiction. Our goal is to help heal every part of you – your mind, body, and spirit. To do this, we offer various services, each aimed at supporting you on your path to recovery. Whether it’s through therapy, medical treatment, or support groups, we’re here to guide you every step of the way towards a healthier, happier life. See what families and our alumni have to say.

Slaine Carroll
Slaine Carroll
I can’t say enough about the people over here and the lengths they went to help a family member of mine. It was really above and beyond. Adam G, Eddie P and Eddie M I can’t thank you guys enough. Good human beings.
Abi Armour
Abi Armour
Massachusetts addiction center is an outstanding place, the facilitators completely change my perspective on life in addiction. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people.
Dan T
Dan T
Every one there especially Eddie and Brenna are extremely helpful in the upmost and courteous manner helping you with whatever you need.
Ashley Dacey
Ashley Dacey
Massachusetts center for addiction has helped quite a few people I know! Their experience always includes great care ,great services ,and great environment. The staff is incredible. Highly recommended!
Holly Dionne
Holly Dionne
The opposite of addiction is connection and that’s exactly what you get. Eddie Payne shows this in every action he takes every day. He selflessly helps everyone who walks in the doors and connects with them on a level that they need to be able to help them recover in a safe environment.
Ed Brooks
Ed Brooks
This establishment is the harvard university of PHPs there should be more places in the state of Massachusetts like this.
Briana Watson
Briana Watson
This facility is an amazing place to go for addiction treatment! The staff are supportive and friendly more specifically Mr. Eddie Paine was extremely knowledgeable kind and supportive the facility is also clean which is a huge plus so don’t hesitate to except help from here!
james mercier
james mercier
Mass centers of addiction is an amazing place reaching out to help people in early recovery try to find a new way of life drug and alcohol free
james Harris
james Harris
One of the best around a program that is all inclusive and truly helps understand and totally dissects the Big Book and 12 steps which is something a ton of other programs like this one do not even attempt because the staff is not educated enough on it but here they have and staff that understands and know how to break so it can be put into action in life also is a great facility beautifully put together and is very accessible either by car or public transportation so both clients can have an easy commute
Danielle Connolly
Danielle Connolly
This place is top notch. Eddie P and his team will help you turn your life around with compassion, hands on support and resources. If you are struggling, please let them help you become the best version of yourself. They are out here doing God’s work!

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Getting better from drug addiction isn’t just about stopping the use of drugs. We get to the root of your addiction struggles. We make sure your treatment is just for you, mixing science-backed methods with whole-person care. This means we don’t only focus on the addiction itself but also look into the reasons behind it.

We’re here to help you take back control of your life. Our team is dedicated to giving you the support and tools you need to make a lasting change. Whether it’s learning new ways to cope with stress, healing from past trauma, or building a supportive community, we’re here to support you on your path to a healthier life.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Our rehab center offers a variety of addiction treatment programs to suit different stages of recovery and individual needs. Each program is designed to provide the highest level of care and support, helping you to overcome addiction and rebuild your life.

Drug Detox

Starting your treatment to overcome addiction usually begins with detox. Detox is best done in a place where you have constant medical care, like an inpatient treatment facility. This step can be tough and sometimes even dangerous to do on your own because of withdrawal symptoms.

That’s where drug detox programs come in. Medical detoxes offer a secure place with medical professionals watching over you 24/7. The medical team has lots of experience and knows how to make you as comfortable as possible during this time. They manage any withdrawal symptoms you might have and make sure you’re safe and well taken care of.

While Massachusetts Center for Addiction does not offer detox or inpatient rehab on-site, we can connect you with a facility that does. We have longstanding relationships with several trusted, nationally accredited centers in the area.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab programs are perfect for anyone who needs a stable and focused place to work on getting better from addiction. These programs give you a safe space away from the usual stresses and triggers of your daily life. This makes it easier to concentrate on healing.

When you’re in an inpatient program, you’re not alone. You’ll be with other people who are going through similar struggles, as well as a team of caring professionals who are all there to support you. 

During your time in inpatient rehab, you’ll be involved in various evidence-based treatments and therapies. These are designed to help you deal with your addiction in a deep and meaningful way. All these different types of treatment work together to help you understand your addiction better and learn how to live a life without it.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is ideal for those moving from full-time rehab to everyday life, needing more support than standard outpatient care. It offers the best of both worlds: intensive daytime treatment at our center and the comfort of sleeping at home. This setup helps you smoothly transition back into your routine while still receiving the focused care and support essential for recovery.

In PHP, you’ll engage in various therapies and activities during the day to boost your recovery. This includes group sessions, family therapy, and skills workshops. Then, you can practice these new skills at home each evening. This approach allows you to rebuild your daily life step by step, with the safety net of professional support to guide you.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is perfect for anyone who’s ready to take on their day-to-day activities but still needs regular support. This flexibility means you don’t have to choose between living your life and getting the help you need. Instead, IOP adjusts to your schedule, offering therapy sessions and programs at times that work for you.

In IOP, you’ll work on developing coping skills as part of your treatment plan. These skills help you deal with life’s challenges without falling back into old habits. The program combines group sessions, where you can share experiences and learn from others, with individual therapy, focusing on your personal journey.

This blend ensures that your treatment plan is both comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Our program supports you as you build a stronger foundation for your recovery.

MAT-Friendly Sober Living

We also offer MAT-friendly sober living options for those in recovery. Our sober living homes provide a supportive community where you can continue your journey to long-term recovery. You’ll be surrounded by peers who understand the challenges you’re facing and help to prevent relapses.

Preparing to Enter Drug Addiction Treatment

Taking the first step towards recovery can be intimidating, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. Preparing to enter treatment involves both mental and physical readiness, and our team is here to guide you through the process.

Remember, acknowledging the need for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Together, we’ll work on building a solid foundation for your recovery.

Most Commercial Insurance Plans Accepted

We believe that financial concerns should not be a barrier to receiving help. We accept most major insurance plans and are in-network with Cigna, Aetna, and Tricare health insurance plans. Contact us for a confidential discussion about your insurance coverage and financial options.

Get Started On Your Recovery Today!

Beginning your recovery is just a phone call away. Contact us at 844-486-0671 for a free and confidential phone assessment. Our admissions process is designed to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, guiding you from your initial contact through to scheduling treatment and admission into our program.

Your path to recovery and a healthier, happier life starts here at the Massachusetts Center for Addiction. Contact us today at 844-486-0671, and take the first step towards a future free from addiction.


24/7 Addiction Help

The first step when looking for help is to give us a call. Whether it is for a family member or for yourself, we’re happy to help guide you. Our admissions counselors are available all day, every day to answer any questions you may have.