Partial Hospitalization


Our program is designed to provide flexible and intensive treatment for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We understand that every person’s journey to recovery is unique. Our highly trained staff works with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their needs. Our partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts offers a supportive and therapeutic environment where patients can focus on their recovery and develop the skills and tools necessary for long-term success. Read on to learn more about our program and how we can help you or your loved one achieve lasting sobriety.

Partial hospitalization provides a one-of-a-kind treatment experience for sustaining long-term addiction recovery through individual and group counseling, individual therapy, 12-step recovery groups, psycho-educational groups, addiction education, family counseling, and health-promoting activities.

What is a Partial Hospitalization/Day Program?

Partial hospitalization programs are a treatment that provides those with substance abuse disorders, mental health disorders, or co-occurring diagnoses with the opportunity for comprehensive and modern treatment. This process allows them to get much-needed help and practice recovery skills while living in a supportive setting. This type of care is also known as day treatment.

During the day, patients in our PHP program participate in counseling and therapeutic events while receiving care from physicians and nurses. We also provide structured activities and relationship-building community rehabilitation groups in the evenings. We aim to reintegrate patients into society on their own terms, allowing them to learn how to live drug-free lives.

Partial hospitalization programs provide intensive psychiatric care in a setting that is more akin to the community than traditional inpatient psychiatry units. Patients typically spend the day at the facility and return home each night. The average partial hospitalization course lasts two to four weeks, but treatment can last longer depending on the patient’s needs.

What Sets Massachusetts Center for Addiction Apart From Other PHP/Day Programs?

Our methods to aid in patients reaching total health follow modern and science-backed treatment plants. Your addiction treatment should be effective if it follows these principles outlined by NIDA.

As a trusted healthcare provider in Quincy, MA, we promise always to follow these principles. Our highly qualified and professional clinicians know how to help clients with addictions and mental health difficulties. Our staff has also worked extensively with patients with co-occurring disorders, sometimes known as “dual diagnosis.”

People with this diagnosis have an addiction and at least one mental health disorder, such as depression, PTSD, or anxiety. To achieve the best outcomes, you must treat both disorders concurrently.

Partial hospitalization programs are not a good fit for everyone. They’re most appropriate for people who need a higher level of care than outpatient therapy can provide but do not require full-time hospitalization. PHPs are often a step down from a detox or inpatient program.

Recovery has four main aspects that must be addressed in treatment:

  1. Health: healing or treating sickness and associated symptoms and making informed, healthy decisions that promote physical and mental well-being.
  2. Home: having a stable, safe, and supportive place to live.
  3. Purpose: carrying out meaningful everyday activities such as work, school, volunteerism, caregiving, or artistic interests, as well as the independence, income, and resources to participate in society.
  4. Community: having relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope.

Our patients receive comprehensive education on these subjects and an opportunity to practice implementing them.

Treatment Schedule

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers a comprehensive and personalized treatment approach, which typically lasts from two to four weeks, depending on the patient’s needs. Here’s a general idea of what a day might look like in our PHP:

Time (Monday-Friday) Treatment Group
9:00 – 10:40 AM Little Big Book Group
10:40 AM – 12:10 PM Psycho-Educational Group
12:50 – 1:50 PM Wellness Group
2:00 – 3:00 PM Group Process


Please note that this schedule may vary based on individual circumstances and needs. Our highly trained staff works with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and recovery goals.

How Does a PHP Compare to an IOP?

After a PHP, patients often further step down to an intensive outpatient program or IOP. Intensive outpatient programs allow patients to spend more time establishing an independent routine for their daily life.

In both types of treatment, one spends most of their time in a facility that provides medical care and other services. Partial hospitalization is more intensive than intensive outpatient, but both are effective forms of addiction treatment.

Partial hospitalization programs are offered at residential or outpatient facilities. In these programs, patients typically spend four or five days per week in the facility. They also spend their nights at home and weekends with family and friends.

Partial hospitalization programs typically involve four to six hours of therapy daily for several weeks to months. In addition to therapy, patients will receive medication management if needed and may participate in group activities such as art therapy or music therapy.

Intensive outpatient programs are less structured than partial hospitalization programs but provide a daily structure that helps people stay sober while living at home full-time during treatment. Intensive outpatient programs often run about two hours daily for three to five days per week. However, the length of treatment depends on the patient and their needs.

Get Started with PHP at Massachusetts Center for Addiction

Our promise to our patients is that we only provide the highest level of care. If a partial hospitalization sounds like a good fit for you or someone you love, it’s time to get help.

At our facility, not only will the patient have a safe and comfortable location to recuperate, but they will also be able to learn new coping and management strategies that they can instantly apply in the real world. If this sounds like a valuable experience, please call us today so we can help you begin the journey to recovery.



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