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Adam Grushey

Adam Grushey

Adam Grushey

Program Director & Primary Therapist

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Professional Background

Adam Grushey is a highly experienced and dedicated Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. With over six years of experience in the field of addiction treatment, he is deeply committed to aiding individuals in their journey to recovery. Prior to finding his true calling in the realm of addiction treatment, Adam served as a corporate executive in the hospitality sector, an experience that has enriched his understanding of diverse human experiences and motivations.

Therapeutic Approach

Adam's approach to therapy is rooted in the 12-Step program, which he supplements with principles from biopsychology, holistic healing, and mythology. This comprehensive, integrative method enables him to provide well-rounded support for his clients, addressing not just their addictions but their overall wellbeing. As a recovering addict himself, Adam brings personal understanding and empathy to his work, adding a layer of authenticity and relatability that is invaluable to those he supports.

Personal Journey and Current Work

His scholarly pursuits in psychology and English literature enhance his professional practice, fostering a unique perspective that helps individuals uncover their true purpose in life. Adam's expertise and compassion are cornerstone contributions to the Massachusetts Center for Addiction, where his clinical work plays a vital role in the success of their treatment programs. His personal journey and professional dedication combine to form a counselor who is not only qualified but genuinely invested in the well-being of his clients.

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The Virtue of Patience: Navigating the Path to Recovery
  • Jun 21, 2023
  • by Adam Grushey

The Virtue of Patience: Navigating the Path to Recovery

The Protective Shield of Treatment and Recovery One of the dangers of early recovery is departing the protection of treatment…

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