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Joe Curran is a seasoned professional in the field of substance use treatment with over a decade of dedicated service. As the co-founder and owner of Massachusetts Center for Addiction, Joe plays a pivotal role in providing quality care and assistance for individuals on their journey to recovery. His vast experience and commitment have propelled him to establish and co-found four other organizations, each contributing uniquely to the realm of addiction treatment and support.

Contributions to the Field

Joe's significant contributions to the field are evident in his diverse initiatives. His first venture, Addict in the Family, is a support group providing a safe space for those affected by addiction. Recognizing the financial barriers that often hinder access to treatment, he co-founded The Family Restored, a non-profit organization committed to raising funds for individuals unable to afford treatment services.

In his pursuit to offer holistic support, he founded Silent Spark Counseling, a service employing holistic practices to aid individuals in early recovery. Further, he co-founded Lighthouse Recovery, a sober living facility in Portland, Maine, providing a structured and supportive environment for individuals navigating their recovery journey.

Past Roles and Certifications

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Joe has amassed valuable experience as a case manager and 12 Step Director. His expertise in addiction is further fortified by a certificate in Contemplative Spiritual Direction from the Alcyon Center in Seal Cove, Maine.

Current Focus

As the co-founder and owner of Massachusetts Center for Addiction, Joe is currently focused on using his extensive skills and experience to assist those seeking recovery in the greater Boston area. His unwavering commitment to the field and dedication to improving lives make him an indispensable resource in the battle against addiction.

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