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Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Treatment Near Boston, MA


When you or a loved one needs addiction treatment in Boston, MA, you might not know where to turn. You have options, but it’s important to work with the drug or alcohol rehab program that is most aligned with your needs and addiction recovery goals. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we want to make this first important step easier. 

What Is the Best Addiction Program Near Boston, MA 

Boston, MA, is a community that offers a number of options for addiction treatment. Successful recovery is more likely to be achieved when you choose an addiction program near Boston, MA, that is most aligned with your needs and addiction recovery goals. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers an online directory of addiction treatment centers that are available in and around Boston, MA.

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Available Addiction Treatment Programs in Boston, MA 

Drug and Alcohol Detox: When tolerance to drugs or alcohol is formed, the body goes through a detox period as it adjusts to not having the addictive substance. Alcohol and drug detox is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous stages of addiction recovery. 

Detox must take place in a facility that is equipped to handle the physical and mental health needs that may arise. Massachusetts Center for Addiction can help connect you with a qualified drug and alcohol detox facility in Boston, MA

Inpatient Treatment: Inpatient addiction treatment is a common first step toward recovery after detox. Inpatient treatment is a residential program that provides a high level of structure, support, and individualized treatment. 

During inpatient addiction treatment, your days are well structured, and there is physical health, mental health, and peer support. The duration of residential addiction recovery depends on the individual and may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. 

Partial Hospitalization Boston, MA: Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are a middle ground between inpatient treatment and outpatient addiction treatment. Rather than a full residential addiction program, PHP rehab is a full day of individualized addiction therapy. During the day, treatments that include addiction counseling, mental health care, recovery progress assessments, and group therapy, among others, are offered. 

Intensive Outpatient: Many people prefer the flexibility and freedom of outpatient programs. They may also need more structure and support than traditional outpatient therapy supplies. Intensive outpatient (IOP) offers this extra level of support. IOP rehab near Boston, MA, is an individualized approach to addiction recovery, with various therapies being used based on the individual’s needs. 

Additional Addiction Treatment Support Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Boston, MA: FDA-approved medications can be an important component of an individualized addiction treatment plan. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at the Massachusetts Center for Addiction works with the individual, including a full physical and mental health assessment. This helps to determine which medications can be used during addiction recovery. 

The proper medication can lessen the physical and mental challenges of addiction recovery, reduce cravings, and reduce the risk of relapse. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Boston, MA: There is often a mental health component to addiction that goes undiagnosed and untreated, making long-term addiction recovery even more difficult. Dual-diagnosis treatment involves addressing and treating coexisting mental health conditions alongside addiction treatment, leading to improved outcomes for long-term addiction recovery success. 

Sober Living in Massachusetts: Not everyone is ready to return home after inpatient addiction treatment, or the case might be that there isn’t a safe, supportive environment to return to. Sober Living at Massachusetts Center for Addiction offers a transitional program where structure and support are provided in a safe, trigger-free environment. This can be an important transitional step while reducing the risk of relapse. 

Family Programs: The effects of addiction are far-reaching and often significantly impact families and loved ones. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we recognize that while addiction treatment is a personal experience, it’s important to offer support and healing to family and loved ones. 

Family therapy programs provide a safe space for family members to discuss their feelings and experiences, rebuild trust, and establish personal boundaries.

Length of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Boston, MA

Addiction recovery is a very personal and individual experience. This makes it difficult to predict the length of drug and alcohol rehab in the early stages. Detox and inpatient rehab are often the first steps for individuals seeking help with their addiction. Depending on the individual, these treatment plans may span several days to several weeks or longer. 

It’s important to think of addiction recovery as a continual progression and long-term goal. Even after addiction treatment is complete, continual individual and group therapy is beneficial in the long term. Alcohol or drug rehab may take thirty, sixty, or ninety days, but addiction recovery is a lifelong process. 

Helping A Loved One Find Addiction Treatment Near Boston, MA 

If someone you love needs drug addiction treatment services, you may feel overwhelmed and helpless, not sure of how to help. Searching the SAMHSA directory for addiction treatment centers in Boston, MA, is an excellent place to start. We highly recommend exploring their directory.

If your loved one isn’t ready to make the move on their own to seek help, or you have questions that need answers, the Massachusetts Center for Addiction is available to help any time of the day or night. 

Using Insurance To Pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

Thanks to the American Care Act (ACA), health insurance providers must include addiction recovery and rehab. This was an important move for helping more people get the addiction treatment they need without feeling that finances are a barrier. 

Coverages vary by insurance providers and individual plans. Massachusetts Center for Addiction works with most insurance providers. 

In-Network Treatment Options

Choosing an addiction treatment center that is in-network with your insurance provider will result in lower out-of-pocket costs. Massachusetts Center for Addiction has in-network contracts with Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare.

Using Out-Of-Network Benefits for Addiction Treatment

Out-of-network addiction centers are still an option. You may be required to pay a higher percentage of the costs of treatment. Your insurance provider can answer your questions about out-of-network care according to your insurance plan.  

Check Your Benefits for Treatment

Contacting your health insurance provider directly is the fastest and easiest way to get answers about your coverage for addiction treatment. The Massachusetts Center for Addiction is happy to help if you still have questions.

Getting Started with Massachusetts Center for Addiction

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment in Boston, MA, we are here to help. Reaching out and getting help is the first major step toward addiction recovery. You can do this, and we’ll help you through it. Contact the Massachusetts Center for Addiction at 844-486-0671.