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Resources for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cohasset, MA


Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Cohasset, MA can make all the difference in your long-term addiction recovery success. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we want you to know that we’re here to help. Together, we can look at the options and find the right addiction treatment program for your needs. 

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program Near Cohasset, MA

Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment centers near Cohasset, MA, offer a range of treatment options. Finding one that is aligned with your addiction recovery needs is important. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a confidential online directory to find addiction treatment centers near you and also a 24-hour national helpline, which can be reached at 1-800-662-4357.

Massachusetts Center for Addiction is also available to answer your questions and help you get the treatment you need. We’re also available to answer your call any time of the day or night. 

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Understanding Addiction Treatment Levels of Care 

Levels of care for addiction treatment range from detox and inpatient rehab to outpatient services and ongoing support through aftercare planning. The Massachusetts Center for Addiction provides various treatment levels, including partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). If you’re in need of drug detox and inpatient services, we can get you connected with a facility that can help. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Is An Important First Step

Alcohol or drug detox is an important initial step to addiction recovery. Due to the intensity and severity of detox symptoms, it’s important that it happens under the care and supervision of medical and mental health professionals. Detox, when not properly managed, can become a serious medical emergency. We urge you not to attempt drug detox on your own. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction does not currently offer in-house drug and alcohol detox near Cohasset, MA. However, we can still help. If you are in need of drug or alcohol detox, reach out to us, and we will assist in connecting you with an appropriate detox facility. 

Inpatient Treatment for Structure and Support

Inpatient treatment is also often referred to as residential addiction treatment. After alcohol or drug detox, inpatient treatment offers the most intensive level of addiction treatment, with round-the-clock structure and support. 

When you enter inpatient treatment in Cohasset, MA, your addiction recovery, physical health, and mental health needs will be assessed, and an individualized treatment plan will be developed. 

Inpatient addiction treatment centers focus on both individual and group therapies with a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Based on the individual’s needs, inpatient addiction treatment may require a commitment of several days to several weeks. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs

At the Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we recognize that there are “in-between” spaces in addiction recovery. These are situations where an individual may not need or be able to commit to residential treatment but also require more than outpatient support. This is why we offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP). 

PHP rehab is a full-day outpatient addiction program that includes treatments centered around addiction counseling, mental health care, group therapy, life skills, and more. The advantage of PHP rehab in Cohasset, MA, compared to inpatient treatment, is that the individual is able to return home in the evenings. 

Partial hospitalization requires a full-day commitment, typically for six hours, several days a week. 

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) in Cohasset, MA

Intensive outpatient treatment is level up from traditional outpatient treatment but is less intensive than PHP rehab or traditional inpatient addiction treatment. IOP rehab is a partial-day program with a treatment plan designed around your current needs, which are continually assessed for progress or the need for additional support. 

The IOP rehab at Massachusetts Center for Addiction takes an approach that is centered around individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy and allows individuals the flexibility to receive the substance abuse treatment they need without interfering with their work or home life commitments. 

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Next Level Support with Addiction Treatment in Cohasset, MA

Massachusetts Center for Addiction also offers specialized programs near Cohasset, MA. These programs provide an enhanced level of support through medication-assisted treatment (MAT), dual diagnosis treatment to support mental health, family programs, and transitional sober living options. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment Options (MAT) with Proven Results 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be very beneficial for individuals who may have had a difficult time maintaining sobriety with therapy-based addiction treatments alone. It also works great for those that need additional support. MAT is a medication-based approach to addiction care, which is used alongside other types of addiction treatments. 

MAT uses FDA-approved medications to reduce cravings and pleasurable sensations from alcohol or drug use. These medications can significantly improve addiction recovery outcomes. 

Medication-assisted treatment is especially beneficial for individuals who are recovering from opioid addiction. 

Dual Diagnosis Treats Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues 

There’s a relationship between addictive behaviors and mental health, making it important to address both during addiction treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment near Cohasset, MA, takes an individualized, holistic approach to addiction care by identifying any co-existing mental health issues that may factor into the addiction and make it more difficult to recover from. 

Each person’s experience with dual diagnosis treatment is different. It varies depending on their type of addiction, type of mental health issue, and where they are in their journey to addiction recovery. 

Sober Living in Cohasset, MA

The transition from addiction recovery to independent living can be a difficult one to navigate and is also a time when there’s a significant risk of relapse. Sober living near Cohasset, MA, offers a bridge between inpatient addiction treatment and independent living. 

Sober Living is a residential program that offers a transitional home that is a safe, structured, and supportive environment to reside in during this important stage of addiction recovery. Individuals in sober living programs may have completed their addiction treatment or they may still be attending partial hospitalization, intensive inpatient, or traditional inpatient services.

Aftercare Planning

Every stage of addiction recovery is important, including what happens after addiction treatment is completed. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we recognize that this journey is a continual one and that having access to continued support and services is important for long-term success. 

Aftercare planning sets each person up with a plan for the next steps of recovery. This could include continued individual or group therapy but also steps to proactively care for your mental and physical health while continually developing the necessary life skills to avoid relapse and keep on the right track. 

Family Programs 

The person struggling with the addiction is usually not the only person affected by it. Addiction affects everyone that is close to you, especially family and loved ones. Therapy-based family programs are an important component of addiction recovery. 

By addressing the hurt, trauma, and damaged trust that are attached to addiction, the family unit can work toward healing, both individually and together. Family programs also help individuals learn how to set healthy boundaries with each other and learn behaviors that are supportive as opposed to enabling, 

Drug or Alcohol Rehab Program Lengths in Cohasset, MA

How long will rehab take? This is a question we frequently hear. The truth is, everyone’s recovery is different.  Most people attend an addiction rehab program for a duration of a few weeks up to several months, with continual support and therapies even after completion. 

It’s more important to focus on progress than the length of time spent in treatment. Allow yourself the time you need for recovery. 

Helping and Supporting a Loved One with an Addiction

Trying to help a loved one who needs help with addiction is never an easy process. You’re dealing with their urgent needs, navigating treatment options, and trying to come to terms with your feelings, which may range from worry and sadness to anger and frustration. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction can help you understand the treatment process, the first steps, and how you can best support your loved one while also taking care of yourself. 

Paying for Drug and Alcohol Rehab with Insurance 

Some people who need addiction treatment are intimidated by the potential costs and worry about the financial strain it may put on themselves or their families. If you have health insurance, much of the cost may be covered. Under the American Care Act (ACA), health insurance providers are required to include addiction care as part of their coverage. 

Your total out-of-pocket costs will depend highly on whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network addiction treatment center. 

In-Network and Out-of-Network Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

In-network providers have negotiated pricing agreements with your insurance company to offer lower costs. This is generally seen as a win-win situation for you, the addiction treatment center, and your insurance provider. Choosing an in-network addiction treatment provider typically means much lower out-of-pocket costs. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction works with most insurance companies and has in-network agreements with Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare

You have the option to choose any addiction treatment center for your care and recovery, even if they aren’t in your insurance provider’s network. The difference is the amount of coverage you’ll receive. 

Your out-of-pocket costs will likely be more, and you may have co-pays that must be paid before treatment. 

Your Insurance Provider Can Help You Understand Your Benefits

If you aren’t sure about insurance coverage and benefits, the easiest way to get answers is to contact your insurance provider directly. Ideally, this is something that should be done before entering treatment. However, if you cannot do so, the addiction center you choose should be able to answer your questions and help you understand your coverage. 

Help With Finding the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Cohasset, MA

It’s important to consider your individual needs and factors that will affect your recovery when looking for the best alcohol or drug rehab in Cohasset, MA. Detox is often the first step, making it important to first connect with an addiction recovery facility that can support you through that process. 

After detox, you have more options. These include inpatient, partial hospitalization programs and outpatient addiction treatment. Recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all process – you need to find the addiction treatment center that works for you. 

The SAMHSA directory is a great, reliable resource, and the Massachusetts Center for Addiction is also here to answer your questions and help you receive the best care. 

Get Started with the Massachusetts Center for Addiction  

Addiction recovery is something that is life-changing. If you or your loved one needs help with their addiction, we strongly encourage you to reach out today and take the important first step. Massachusetts Center for Addiction is here to help and ensure you get the addiction treatment and care you need. Contact us today at 844-486-0671.