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Where should you turn when you need drug or alcohol rehab in Fall River, MA? Addiction recovery is one of the most important challenges you’ll face. Choosing the best addiction treatment center can significantly influence your addiction recovery success. 

At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we offer a range of intensive and proven treatment plans to help you overcome addiction for the long term. 

Finding Help and Recovery in Fall River, MA 

Finding the best addiction treatment center near Fall River is a critical component of successful addiction recovery. It’s important to know the options and be able to find the one that is best equipped for your alcohol and drug rehab needs. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a confidential online directory of addiction treatment centers, as well as a national helpline to answer your question. The SAMHSA national helpline can be reached at 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Massachusetts Center for Addiction is also available to answer your questions. We have someone on staff 24/7 to answer your calls.

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Steps to Addiction Recovery 

Addiction recovery is a progression of therapies and treatments that lead you step by step to a life free of addiction. Each person’s journey through addiction recovery is unique and may include several or all of these key steps to addiction recovery. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox

For many, the first step of addiction recovery is alcohol or drug detox. Detox is the process of the body responding to withdrawal from an addictive substance. 

Detox is often a very physically and mentally challenging process, which makes it important for an individual’s health and safety that it happens in an addiction treatment center that has the medical and mental health support staff to help. Massachusetts Center for Addiction doesn’t offer inpatient drug and alcohol detox near Fall River, MA. However, we can help connect you with a facility that can care for you properly during this stage of addiction recovery. 

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

The next stage of addiction recovery after detox is often inpatient alcohol or drug rehab. During inpatient rehab, you live in a residential addiction treatment center. Inpatient rehab provides a highly structured environment and 24/7 support as needed. 

This residential treatment allows individuals to remove themselves from social pressures, triggers, and enabling environments to focus on their addiction recovery with limited distractions. Inpatient drug rehab programs are tailored to the individual and may require a stay of several days to several weeks. 

Partial Hospitalization Program Near Fall River, MA 

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are a type of day treatment where those recovering from addiction work through a personalized addiction treatment program, attending several different types of sessions each day. This may include individual and group counseling, mental health care, and working toward developing coping strategies and life skills. 

PHP rehab programs typically require a commitment of six hours per day, multiple days per week. As progress is made, the number of days needed to attend PHP rehab is tapered down until the individual is ready to take the next step into a less structured addiction treatment program. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

In addition to PHP rehab programs near Fall River, MA, the Massachusetts Center for Addiction also offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP). IOP rehab for alcohol and drug addiction bridges traditional outpatient treatment and PHP rehab or inpatient addiction treatment. 

IOP rehab is ideal for individuals who need more structure and support than traditional outpatient addiction treatment provides, but also aren’t at a point in their addiction recovery journey that they require inpatient treatment or partial hospitalization programs. 

Outpatient Addiction Treatment 

This level of care is the most flexible option and is best suited for individuals who require a lower level of structure in their addiction care. Outpatient addiction treatment may include a variety of therapeutic approaches, including group therapy, individual addiction counseling, mental health therapy, and learning new strategies for coping with triggers and stressors when transitioning into a life free of alcohol and drug use. 

Outpatient addiction treatment is tailored to the individual, with a plan that is adapted to meet changing needs in the addiction recovery process. 

Aftercare Planning 

This is one of the final steps in addiction treatment. Aftercare planning works with the individual to set up a plan for continued support and outlining the necessary steps to maintain sobriety after addiction treatment. 

An aftercare plan may involve attending regular group therapy sessions, meeting with an addiction or mental health counselor on a regular basis, establishing a support network to reduce the risk of relapse, setting up a plan for caring for physical health, building and repairing relationships through family therapy, and more. 

Making Informed Decisions About Addiction Treatment 

You have options for your journey through addiction recovery, which means there are also decisions that need to be made about when, where, and how addiction treatment will take place. If you’re in a situation where you need urgent help, please get in touch with your local hospital. Massachusetts Center for Addiction is also available 24 hours a day and can help connect you with the urgent resources you need. 

The decision to work through and overcome your addiction with treatment is a significant milestone that will have a lasting impact on your life. It’s important to choose an addiction treatment center near Fall River, MA, that is aligned with your needs and addiction recovery goals. 

The SAMHSA directory is a great resource when beginning your search. It’s also important to consider personal factors that determine what type of addiction treatment you need. 

  • Is this your first time going through addiction treatment?
  • What type of addiction do you have? There are addiction treatment centers near Fall River that offer specialized approaches to specific types of addiction. 
  • Have you been through alcohol or drug detox in the past? A hospital or inpatient drug rehab facility is best equipped to help you through the detox stage of addiction recovery. 
  • For severe addiction, especially with addiction to opioids, consider an addiction treatment center that offers medication-assisted therapy. 
  • What type of outside support system do you have? Would programs such as family therapy or sober living residential programs benefit you?
  • Do you have health coverage that will pay for at least a portion of addiction treatment?

Once you understand what you need in an addiction treatment program, the next step is to reach out and talk to someone who can help you. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we’re available to answer your questions and assist you in getting the treatment you need 24/7. 

Slaine Carroll
Slaine Carroll
I can’t say enough about the people over here and the lengths they went to help a family member of mine. It was really above and beyond. Adam G, Eddie P and Eddie M I can’t thank you guys enough. Good human beings.
Abi Armour
Abi Armour
Massachusetts addiction center is an outstanding place, the facilitators completely change my perspective on life in addiction. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people.
Dan T
Dan T
Every one there especially Eddie and Brenna are extremely helpful in the upmost and courteous manner helping you with whatever you need.
Ashley Dacey
Ashley Dacey
Massachusetts center for addiction has helped quite a few people I know! Their experience always includes great care ,great services ,and great environment. The staff is incredible. Highly recommended!
Holly Dionne
Holly Dionne
The opposite of addiction is connection and that’s exactly what you get. Eddie Payne shows this in every action he takes every day. He selflessly helps everyone who walks in the doors and connects with them on a level that they need to be able to help them recover in a safe environment.
Ed Brooks
Ed Brooks
This establishment is the harvard university of PHPs there should be more places in the state of Massachusetts like this.
Briana Watson
Briana Watson
This facility is an amazing place to go for addiction treatment! The staff are supportive and friendly more specifically Mr. Eddie Paine was extremely knowledgeable kind and supportive the facility is also clean which is a huge plus so don’t hesitate to except help from here!
james mercier
james mercier
Mass centers of addiction is an amazing place reaching out to help people in early recovery try to find a new way of life drug and alcohol free
james Harris
james Harris
One of the best around a program that is all inclusive and truly helps understand and totally dissects the Big Book and 12 steps which is something a ton of other programs like this one do not even attempt because the staff is not educated enough on it but here they have and staff that understands and know how to break so it can be put into action in life also is a great facility beautifully put together and is very accessible either by car or public transportation so both clients can have an easy commute
Danielle Connolly
Danielle Connolly
This place is top notch. Eddie P and his team will help you turn your life around with compassion, hands on support and resources. If you are struggling, please let them help you become the best version of yourself. They are out here doing God’s work!

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Paying for Addiction Treatment in Fall River, MA

“How much does addiction treatment cost?”

“How Can I pay for addiction treatment when I’m already struggling financially?”

“I’m worried that the cost of addiction treatment is going to be a financial burden for my family.”

These are some of the top concerns we hear from individuals who need addiction treatment but are worried about the financial impact. It’s important to know that you may have more options available to help cover the costs of treatment than you realize. 

The cost of alcohol or drug rehab in Fall River varies widely. It depends on the addiction treatment center and the type and duration of treatment that is needed. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery, which means the financial impact is also different for each person. 

The Affordable Care Act made it so that anyone with health insurance is provided with coverage for addiction treatment. How much coverage is offered depends on the individual plan and whether the addiction treatment center near Fall River, MA, you choose is an in-network or out-of-network provider. 

For individuals who do not have health insurance or need assistance in paying for their patient share of the cost, options such as personal loans, grants, and community programs may help cover the costs. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction accepts most major insurance plans. We are also in-network with Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare health insurance.

My Loved One Needs Help, Where Do I Turn?

If your loved one is living with an addiction or substance use disorder, there are ways you can help. A good starting point is to access the SAMHSA directory or call their national helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). They can answer your questions and provide a starting point for helping your loved one with alcohol or drug addiction. 

While this is a difficult time for you and your loved one, caring for yourself and establishing healthy boundaries with your loved one is important at this time. Prioritizing your own physical and mental well-being is one of the most important things you can do. 

Your Journey to Recovery Starts Today

Reaching out to the Massachusetts Center for Addiction is the first important step on the road to addiction recovery. We offer a skilled and compassionate team of addiction experts who will work with you to create an addiction treatment plan tailored to your or your loved one’s needs. Contact the Massachusetts Center for Addiction today at 844-486-0671.