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Find Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Hanson, MA 


Addiction recovery near Hanson, MA, begins with understanding your options and reaching out for the help you need. At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, our staff of experienced clinical experts will help you understand what addiction treatment looks like and define a treatment plan that is personally tailored to you and your individual needs for successful, lifelong addiction recovery. 

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Program Near Hanson, MA 

You or your loved one have options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Hanson, MA. Depending on your situation, this could look like inpatient treatment, including alcohol or drug detox, a partial hospitalization program, outpatient treatment, or ongoing support to reduce the risk of relapse as the recovery journey continues. 

With the options available to you, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a comprehensive directory of addiction treatment providers near Hanson, MA. It is a great tool for guiding you in the right direction if you’re unsure of where to start.

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Available Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Hanson, MA

It’s important to understand the various treatment options that are available in your area for your road to recovery. Throughout the recovery journey, most people transition from one type to another. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Everyone who is recovering from addiction will go through a level of withdrawal or detox as they eliminate the addictive substance from the body. This is a difficult phase, and it is often best if this takes place under the guidance of medical and mental health care at an addiction treatment center that offers drug and alcohol detox care. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction can help you find a drug detox facility that is aligned with your needs. 

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment near Hanson, MA, is best for those just starting on their addiction recovery journey or who are at high risk for relapses. This is an intensive level of care. Inpatient addiction treatment (residential treatment) is a rehab program where patients receive various types of addiction therapy and round-the-clock care as needed. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction doesn’t currently offer on-site inpatient rehab, but our staff can assist in finding an inpatient program that is aligned with your needs. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs Near Hanson, MA

For individuals who have moved on from inpatient treatment or are looking for a level of care that is less than inpatient but more intensive than outpatient, partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are an ideal solution. 

A PHP rehab program is developed around full-day individualized addiction treatment. PHP patients return home in the evenings, which offers a necessary balance between treatment and home life for individuals at this stage of recovery. 

Intensive Outpatient

Some individuals find that traditional outpatient treatment doesn’t offer enough support for where they are on their recovery journey. It also isn’t a place where inpatient or partial hospitalization is the best option either. 

Intensive outpatient programs, or IOP rehab, are a good option for this transitional phase of recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment involves evidence-based treatments as part of an individualized treatment plan. Here are some common treatment methods in IOP treatment:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy

The weekly time commitment for intensive outpatient care is based on the individual’s needs. However, a typical IOP rehab includes 9-10 hours of treatment each week. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment Options

Medications can be a valuable and sometimes necessary component of addiction recovery. When entering a medicated assisted treatment program near Hanson, MA, patients are assessed based on their health and history of substance abuse. 

FDA-approved medications can be used to help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, reduce the risk of relapse, and, for some, make long-term recovery a possibility that might not otherwise be possible. Not everyone requires MAT, but it is an option that exists for those who need it. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Hanson, MA

Quite often, addiction exists alongside other conditions. Mental health disorders, and sometimes physical health issues, can play a significant role in the development of addiction and recovery from it. 

Dual diagnosis treatment looks at the person through a holistic lens, identifying co-existing factors that must be addressed to ensure the most effective path to recovery. 

Sober Living Program in Massachusetts

The transition from substance abuse treatment to normal, everyday life is a huge leap for most people going through drug or alcohol rehab. It’s a time of uncertainty, and you may wonder if you’ll be able to recover while on your own. 

Sober living is a transitional residential program that offers a safe and supportive place to call home. Most people continue outpatient or aftercare therapy to some degree while in the sober living program. 

Recovery Aftercare Planning

During addiction treatment, the goal and the process are clearly defined. Once a person completes their drug or alcohol rehab program and is once again on their own, the lack of structure and regular accountability can lead to relapse. 

Aftercare planning sets each person up on a path to long-term sobriety. Aftercare planning may involve individual therapies, group therapy, support groups, mentorship programs, and activities such as mindfulness to encourage life-long success. 

Family Programs

There’s a misconception that addiction recovery is only for the person going through drug or alcohol rehab. Addiction has a profound impact on family members and loved ones. Family counseling or a family support program is essential for rebuilding trust, healing relationships, and helping everyone define healthy boundaries going forward. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction supports the patient and their family with our family support program.

Length of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Hanson, MA

The duration of addiction treatment is dependent on the person, their addiction, physical and mental health, and the level of support they have access to outside of treatment. Because there are so many different factors at play, it’s difficult to put a time stamp on how long alcohol or drug rehab takes. 

If inpatient drug detox is required, this stage of recovery may last a few days up to two weeks. Many inpatient and partial outpatient programs are set up for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. Still, addiction recovery is such an individual process that it’s difficult to predict upfront how long treatment will take. Most do, however, see great results with 30 days of treatment.

There’s also continual support and aftercare to consider. Many recovering people find that continued therapy, group meetings, and intentional living exercises are key to continued success. 

Helping a Loved One Find Treatment Near Hanson, MA 

Knowing that a loved one needs help for their addiction can leave you feeling helpless, scared, hurt, and confused. The person you love may be resistant to getting the care they need, or they may be in a place where they need someone to take the necessary steps for them. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction can help lift the weight from your shoulders, answer your questions, and help your loved one get the addiction treatment and mental health care they need.

Will Insurance Pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are many people who think the cost of addiction treatment is too much. As a result, they never seek the health they need. When it comes to paying for drug and alcohol rehab near Hanson, MA, most people have more options than they realize. 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers are mandated to cover addiction treatment without regard to pre-existing conditions. If you are without health insurance, Medicaid could be an option based on income. 

Private pay is available if private health insurance or Medicaid isn’t an option for you. We can discuss your options and connect you with programs that may be able to help with covering the costs of addiction treatment. 

With insurance, your out-of-pocket payment depends on several factors. These include your provider, your deductible, and whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network provider for addiction treatment.

In-Network Treatment Options

Each insurance provider has agreements with specific providers. The providers are considered in-network. Out-of-pocket costs to the patient are generally lower when choosing an in-network provider. Massachusetts Center for Addiction has in-network agreements with Cigna, Aetna, and Tricare. 

Using Out-of-Network Benefits for Addiction Treatment

You’re still able to choose an out-of-network provider for your addiction recovery care. The amount paid in co-pays and deductibles may be significantly higher when choosing an out-of-network provider. 

Check Your Benefits for Treatment

It’s a good idea to check your benefits with your insurance provider before admissions. Doing so will streamline the admissions process. It also offers peace of mind that there won’t be surprise charges down the road. 

Getting Started with Massachusetts Center for Addiction 

The help you need is available to you. When you or a loved one needs addiction treatment in Hanson, MA, we are here to help. Our compassionate team will help you start your addiction recovery with a personalized treatment plan.
We’re here to answer your call when you need us, twenty-four hours a day. Contact the Massachusetts Center for Addiction at 844-486-0671 today.