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Drug and Alcohol rehab near Oakham, MA, begins at the Massachusetts Center for Addiction. We warmly invite anyone seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Come in and meet our compassionate staff.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our extensive drug rehab services. These services can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Your recovery near Oakham, MA, starts here with us. 

Your Personalized Addiction Recovery in Oakham, MA

Each person who walks through our doors at Massachusetts Center for Addiction near Oakham, MA, is someone who is on an individual journey to addiction recovery. The stories of your life that have brought you to this point are unique to you, and your addiction recovery should be highly personalized. We recognize you and your unique journey and are here to provide you with the addiction and recovery services you need to begin rebuilding your life.

Finding Addiction Treatment and Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Oakham, MA

In Hingham, Massachusetts, SAMHSA can help you find the right addiction treatment. They have a list of places for outpatient, inpatient, and other programs. Make sure the treatment fits your budget, and check if your insurance can help pay for it.

You or your loved one have multiple options for alcohol and drug addiction rehab programs in Oakham, MA. Both inpatient and outpatient services are available. Additionally, we offer other programs to support your recovery process. This includes aftercare planning. 

At Massachusetts Center for Addiction, we welcome you to explore the range of addiction recovery services we offer. Our treatment programs are designed to support you through the 12-step process, offer more intensive treatment solutions, address mental health issues, and support you after the initial phase of your treatment is complete. 

Coed group of four drug rehab patients during group therapy session.

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Option in Oakham, MA

Massachusetts Center for Addiction recognizes that each person requires something different in their recovery process. Considering your unique needs is important to choosing the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment near Oakham, MA. Our compassionate team of clinical and therapeutic experts can help guide you to the recovery services you need. 

For some, inpatient detox services near Oakham, MA, are the best option. This is especially true for anyone who may experience more severe symptoms of withdrawal. Alcohol and drug detox is a serious process and one that should be monitored by appropriate clinical staff. 

For others, an outpatient or partial inpatient treatment is more appropriate. Massachusetts Center for Addiction can discuss these options with you and guide you toward getting started on your recovery journey. 

Available Addiction Treatment Programs in Oakham, MA

Massachusetts Center for Addiction near Oakham, MA, offers different levels of treatment for addiction and recovery.  Services range from partial hospitalization to aftercare planning and beyond. Here’s a glimpse at the addiction treatment options near Oakham, MA. 

Inpatient Treatment Near Oakham, MA

Massachusetts Center for Addiction near Oakham, MA, can help connect you to inpatient treatment options in the area. While we don’t offer residential treatment onsite, our continual relationships with addiction recovery providers in the Oakham, MA, area enable us to connect you with the right provider at the right time. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) exist for those who don’t require inpatient addiction treatment but do need more support than what’s offered by standard outpatient programs. Those involved in a PHP spend extended periods of their day in treatment at our facility and then return home in the evening. 

Intensive Outpatient in Massachusettes

Outpatient treatment programs are ideal for individuals who are on the path of addiction recovery and need intermittent support along the way. Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offer a higher level of support and a longer duration of treatment without entering into any level of inpatient care. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medications play a vital role in the addiction recovery process, sometimes making recovery achievable. This is where medication-assisted treatment comes in. Medications that have FDA approval can really help with withdrawal symptoms, making them easier to handle. They also help your body get used to not having the substance it was dependent on. Plus, these medications can treat other mental health issues that might be present at the same time. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Oakham, MA

For many who are healing from addiction, there are mental health disorders that exist alongside addictive behaviors. Identifying and addressing mental health issues is crucial for addiction recovery success. Our expert clinicians actively diagnose and treat mental health issues, in addition to addiction.

Sober Living

It can be an abrupt transition from addiction treatment to everyday life as a recovering person. Sober living programs offer an important bridge between these two critical stages in your recovery journey. Sober living offers an intermediary home that serves as a safe, supportive, and welcoming place for you to call home until you’re comfortable moving on to the next step. 

Aftercare Planning

Ongoing support is important for long-term addiction recovery. Aftercare planning helps you take the next steps and supports you long-term as you continue to grow and heal from addiction. 

Family Program for Addiction Recovery

Often, the ones we least want to hurt are those most hurt by addiction. Massachusetts Center for Addiction near Oakham, MA, offers a family therapy program that brings you and the ones you love closer through healing, forgiveness, and learning how to support each other best. 

What Is the Duration of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Oakham, MA

The duration of alcohol and drug addiction treatment near Oakham, MA, depends highly upon the individual, their circumstance, and their current battle with addiction. The length of treatment largely depends on the type of recovery program needed. However, there is no set timeline for this journey. 

Addiction recovery programs can range from 30 days to 90 days. However, recovery doesn’t stop there. Recovery is an ongoing process, which is why the Massachusetts Center for Addiction offers extended programs. Our extended care programs include sober living and aftercare planning. 

Using Insurance to Cover Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

Finances should not stand in the way of getting the addiction recovery treatment you need in Oakham, MA. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers are required to cover drug and alcohol treatment. However, the level of coverage offered by each provider may differ, making it important to check with your provider regarding addiction treatment benefits. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction works with most insurance providers. We also have in-network agreements with Cigna, Aetna, and Tricare Insurance

  • In-Network Options: Choosing an in-network addiction recovery provider is the most budget-friendly option. Insurance companies have agreements with in-network providers and are thus able to reduce the costs that are passed on to you. 
  • Using Out-of-Network Benefits: If your preferred addiction recovery provider in Oakham, MA, isn’t in-network, you can still choose them for your treatment. The difference is that the out-of-pocket costs are likely to be significantly higher.  
  • Check Your Benefits for Treatment: Along with making the first important step in seeking treatment, contact your insurance provider for a complete understanding of your insurance benefits and addiction recovery coverage. If you have any questions or need assistance in understanding what’s covered by your provider, our staff is available to help and answer your questions. 

The First Step is Reaching Out to the Massachusetts Center for Addiction 

If you or someone you love is in need of addiction recovery in Oakham, MA, Massachusetts Center for Addiction is here to help. We’re available to answer your call any time of the day or night. Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can reach out and get help right now. Contact us at 844-486-0671 and make the important first step toward recovery.