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Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stoneham, MA


If you’re seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Stoneham, MA, but have questions you need answered, the Massachusetts Center for Addiction can help. We understand this is a difficult and uncertain time for you or your loved one. Understanding your options for addiction treatment in Stoneham, MA, is an important first step. 

Getting Help Finding Addiction Treatment Near Stoneham, MA

Addiction treatment programs near Stoneham, MA, offer different levels of addiction care and treatment options. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health and Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers both a national helpline (1-800-662-4357) and an online directory to help you find the best addiction treatment center near Stoneham, MA. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction is also available to answer your calls and questions 24/7. Our compassionate, experienced administrative and clinical staff can assist you in finding and getting the addiction treatment you need. 

Levels of Addiction Care

The Massachusetts Center for Addiction provides various treatment levels, including partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). We also offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and support for co-occurring mental health issues to help individuals achieve lasting recovery. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is a very important stage of addiction recovery. Drug and alcohol detox is a necessary process for anyone who has developed a tolerance and dependence on addictive substances. 

Alcohol and drug detox is the process of the body cleaning itself of the addictive substance, and it’s not only one of the most difficult stages of addiction recovery but also a time that can be dangerous and qualify as a medical emergency. 

Drug detox should take place only in an approved addiction treatment facility that is equipped with the appropriate medical and mental health staff. Drug or alcohol detox in Stoneham, MA, may only take a few days, but it’s not uncommon for the process to take longer. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction does not offer alcohol or drug detox near Stoneham, MA, but we can help connect you with a facility that does. 

Inpatient Treatment

After detox, many addiction recovery patients choose to enter an inpatient treatment program. Inpatient treatment is done in a residential addiction treatment center and offers the highest level of support and structure of the different levels of addiction care.  

The time commitment required for inpatient addiction treatment depends on your needs and the individualized treatment plan that is recommended for you. Some individuals spend several days in inpatient rehab, while others may choose to stay for a duration of several weeks. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs Stoneham, MA

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) serve as a bridge between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, offering a personalized and intensive approach to addiction recovery. PHP rehab programs near Stoneham, MA, are considered full-day programs, requiring a commitment of about six hours per day, several days a week. 

The advantage of PHP rehab is that you’re receiving the targeted, intensive treatment you need while still being able to return home or tend to commitments in the evening. Partial hospitalization may include therapies that include addiction counseling, mental health care, group therapy, and life skill-building activities. 

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Most addiction treatment centers near Stoneham, MA, offer outpatient treatment options, which can be great for those who don’t need a high level of structure or support. Still, some find that traditional outpatient treatment falls short of meeting their needs, while at the same time, finding that PHP rehab or inpatient treatment isn’t what they need either. 

IOP rehab is a stepping stone between PHP or inpatient treatment and traditional outpatient care. A personalized addiction treatment plan is developed, which typically requires a commitment of about four hours a day, several days a week, depending on your needs. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction is happy to offer intensive outpatient treatment at our facility near Stoneham, MA. 

Additional Addiction Treatment Programs at Massachusetts Center for Addiction

Massachusetts Center for Addiction also offers specialized programs, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for easing withdrawal symptoms and dual diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring mental health issues. These programs are tailored to support a holistic journey to long-term recovery. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment Options

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an approach to addiction recovery that includes the use of FDA-approved medications to ease the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal, reduce craving for addictive substances, and improve long-term outcomes of addiction recovery. MAT programs near Stoneham, MA, are available at the Massachusetts Center for Addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Stoneham, MA

So often, there are co-occurring mental health conditions that exist alongside addiction. When addiction and mental health issues exist together, they can feed into each other, making each more difficult to cope with. 

Dual diagnosis treatment is a holistic approach to addiction recovery that includes mental health care as part of the individual’s treatment plan. Dual diagnosis treatment near Stoneham, MA, can be found at the Massachusetts Center for Addiction. 

Sober Living

The transition from addiction treatment to independent living can be one that is especially challenging to navigate. If you or your loved one aren’t quite ready to make the transition to independent living, the sober living program near Stoneham, MA, at Massachusetts Center for Addiction offers another option. 

Sober living homes are safe, supportive, and structured environments that provide a safe place to reside while you’re developing new life skills and learning how to identify and cope with addiction triggers. 

Sober living programs can be especially beneficial for individuals who are coming from a living situation that supports or enables their substance use. 

Aftercare Planning

What happens after addiction treatment is complete? It’s a question that many ask with a level of uncertainty about how to navigate their own worlds as an addiction-free person. The primary purpose of aftercare planning is to offer support with continual counseling, group sessions, and additional tools to help you succeed in long-term addiction recovery. 

Aftercare planning may include individual and group therapy, along with health, wellness, and life skills-building activities. 

Family Programs/Family Counseling

When someone has an addiction, it doesn’t just affect them as an individual. The addiction also touches the lives of family, friends, and loved ones who are close to the person struggling with substance abuse. While the focus of addiction treatment is on the individual, it’s important that support and counseling are also offered to others who have been affected by the addiction. 

Family programs near Stoneham, MA, offer the opportunity for healing and rebuilding to occur in a safe, confidential, and therapeutic environment. Family therapy is an important tool for healing addiction-related trauma, reestablishing trust, and teaching everyone how to establish firm personal boundaries.

Take The First Step Toward Recovery

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How Long Is Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Addiction recovery is a personal experience, and there are many factors that contribute to how long an individual may be in alcohol or drug rehab. It’s important that each person moves through addiction recovery at their own pace rather than feeling pressured to follow a predetermined timeline. 

Factors such as detox, mental health care, whether a person needs inpatient or outpatient therapy, and if they have a safe, supportive home environment can affect how long addiction rehab takes. An assessment and discussion with a rehab counselor can help provide a better picture of your individual treatment plan. 

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Near Stoneham, MA

Finding the best addiction treatment center near Stoneham, MA, for your individual needs can be a challenging process. You might not know where to start, and feeling overwhelmed is common, especially while dealing with your addiction in the process. 

The SAMHSA directory is always a good place to start, but asking yourself a few questions can help identify the type of addiction treatment you need. 

  • Do you need drug or alcohol detox? Detox is not something that should be done without medical supervision. 
  • What level of support and structure do you need? Do you need the 24/7 support offered by inpatient treatment, or is PHP or outpatient treatment more aligned with your needs?
  • What are the options available to you close to Stoneham, MA, and how far are you willing to travel?
  • Are you looking for an addiction treatment center that offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery, including options like dual diagnosis treatment? 
  • Have you contacted your insurance and discussed coverage? Which addiction treatment centers are in-network with your insurance provider?

If you have questions or need assistance, Massachusetts Center for Addiction is here to help. Our staff can answer your questions and help you get set up with the addiction care you need. 

When a Loved One Needs Help 

Recognizing that a loved one needs help with their addiction is a time that can be full of uncertainty, worry, sadness, anger, and many other emotions. You may want to help but don’t know how. 

Massachusetts Center for Addiction wants you to know that you don’t need to walk this path alone. Contact us and let us help answer your questions and learn more about what steps can be taken to help get your loved one the treatment they need. 

Will Insurance Pay for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Stoneham, MA?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on financial means. It affects people with both ample and limited financial resources. If you’re worried that cost is a prohibitive factor in getting the addiction care you need, we want you to know that affordable options are available. 

If you have a health insurance plan, the Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance providers include coverage for addiction recovery services as part of their benefits. The amount you’ll pay will depend on your individual coverage and the length and type of addiction treatment you need. Massachusetts Center for Addiction works with most insurance providers. 

In-Network Vs Out-of-Network Treatment Options

Choosing an addiction treatment center that is in-network with your insurance provider will help save money. Insurance providers have pre-negotiated cost agreements with their in-network providers, and those savings are passed on to you. Massachusetts Center for Addiction has in-network agreements with Aetna, Cigna, and Tricare. 

You still have the option to use the addiction center of your choice, even if they aren’t in your insurance provider’s network. However, your out-of-pocket costs will likely be higher. 

Take the First Step with the Massachusetts Center for Addiction  

Getting help for an addiction can be overwhelming, leaving you with many emotions and questions about what the future looks like. Massachusetts Center for Addiction wants you to know that we’re here to help. Our phones are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you get the help you need. Contact us today at 844-486-0671.