Jan 2, 2023

The Need to Reenvision One’s Life in Recovery

Inherent in the recovery process from substance abuse is a need to re-vision one’s life and relationship with another and the world. This means that the addict or alcoholic, in pursuit of recovery, must be willing to let go of certain people in their lives, avoid certain places, and potentially change their activities. Changing people, places, and things can sound easier said than done. However, most people in early recovery find themselves struggling and resistant. 

Helping Individuals Develop Healthy Routines

At Massachusetts Centers for Addiction, we believe that without a complete shift in the individual’s way of life, there may be little success in long-term recovery. It is our goal, during your loved one’s time in treatment with us, to set them up with successful skills to help them endure the discomfort of creating a new life. One of the ways in which we do so is to discuss the importance of a routine. Helping individuals in early recovery structure their day with appropriate activities and peer support helps them feel as though they are working towards their goals and achieving them each day. 

Filling Routine with Healthy Activities

When the individual has learned to develop healthy routines, it becomes important to help the individual fill his routines with healthy activities. We like to teach our clients that somatic practices and activities that allow them to feel more embodied have a deeper sense of psychological significance. Finding these activities and practices and committing to them daily fosters psychological health and progress. Getting the individual out of their heads and into the body is imperative to long-term recovery. 

The Importance of Letting Go in Recovery

Early recovery is a difficult time, and many factors can contribute to relapse. All of these factors can be worked with while in treatment, and healthy response patterns and actions can be learned and integrated. Recovery does not come without sacrifice, and letting go of potentially damaging relationships, careers, or objects might seem like a big ask. However, it is not until we have lost everything that we are free to do anything. We quickly learn what we are holding onto is what is holding us back.

Massachusetts Center for Addiction: A Resource for Recovery

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